Apr. 24th, 2009

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I returned from Steeltopia with little information - the new ruler has a sham office in the Emperor's former workspace. It is naught but window-dressing, and the place the regular day-to-day city-state management is handled. He has not made it his personal workspace yet.

It is the same in the Emperor's Residence - all for show, nothing personal here. Not so much as a fingernail-pairing... the place has been sanitized of even the Emperor's presence. It means there is nothing here for me to track the background of the one who mysteriously appeared to take over. It also does not bode well for their plans for the Emperor, should they gain control over him.

No, I do not believe the Emperor is behind the actions placed on his doorstep. To be sure, he is quite mad, but not that sort of mad. I also find the timing of the attack on Ash to be suspicious. Not only was he a trusted member of the guard, he was our link to the inner workings of the city... was I wrong to suspect the Bane of the Foundation?

That one died - we had proof, and yet, and yet. There was that unsettling rift I felt at the meeting, oh so many weeks ago. My suspicions are still not allayed concerning the new neighbor. He has not been threatening, nor especially odd, considering the other neighbors, but he still makes my shields twitch.

I have not been able to speak to Dr Mason about it, as he has become increasingly immersed in his work. From the information I gleaned in Pvt Steampunk's debriefing, his work may be turning to the path of his predecessor. But if he does not stop wearing his gluteal group for a hat We must find a way to make sure he does not follow the same well-worn path.

My investigations to find Ash's soul-piece have been singularly frustrating. The dolls I have met have been ever-so-polite, but not particularly informative. I hope Gematria has had more productive contacts. I must remind myself, that he is a Mason, and I cannot protect him from the world, but the instinct to shield him is still there.

I returned to the office to file my reports, and check on any messages. I also had to check on the Baron's newest recruit, who seems to be determined to destroy herself in her efforts to protect him. I suspect I know why. It is a pattern seen many times over.

We still have had no word on the disposition of Frau Skytower... there are those on staff that hope she still lives. Casting herself in the sea at that point in the battle, there is little hope, considering the currents in the area. The merfolk the frequent the area have been blunt on that point, but that Mongfish cow has died many times over. If she does appear again, I hope the new additions to the staff can help.


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