Apr. 26th, 2009

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Ash is a very good evaluator of the written word. His outline clearly stated the content of the elder Mason's journal, and I was right - this is not the same person we fought... was it only a year ago? Ach, tempus fugit.

What Ash did not convey were the emotions the man allowed to be exposed in his journal. This was not often, but the exhilaration of discovery, the determination to remove the curse from the family... the grief and frustration, watching his wife slip from him, in spite of all of his knowledge.

I still feel the need to see her side of the story, but when she refused the reanimation serum, he wrote that he knew why. He understood, and complied with her wishes though it grieved him to lose her. This is not the action of the one who would not scruple to use all that came to hand, in that artificial city in the stars.

Further research is needed to authenticate the events detailed in the journal. I would not put it past the master of manipulation to have produced this out of whole cloth. However, there is much here that rings true and is corroborated by what information the Caledon Library Newspaper Morgue is able to supply for the time and place this was written.

I think that I might need to find the other books the Emperor had collected for the Steeltopian Library. The warehouse where they are stored was not heavily guarded the last time I... obtained entry to the government offices there. There may yet be more surprises for us in those crates.


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