Apr. 27th, 2009

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I have been awake for nearly thirty hours, but I felt I should put this down in writing while it is still relatively fresh.

Yesterday, I was seeing to some maintenance at my brother's house in Harborside, when shots rang out from the other end of the district! I ran down the street to Cockleburr Corner, and found Madame Kitla there as well, drawn by the noise of an apparent fight. With tensions so high concerning the upcoming trial, I was surprised to find Miss Burton's door open. The scent of gunpowder was strong, and upstairs, we found Miss marion and Mr Sawyer. Injured and broken, they lay sprawled in the parlor, near a large bloodstain on the floor. Miss Genie was nowhere to be found.

Madame Kitla began looking for clues as I checked over Mr Sawyer. The large bruise on his temple, possibly caused by the teakettle resting on the floor not far from him, indicated why he was unconscious, and suggested deeper hurts. After checking with Kitla to make sure it would not interfere with her investigation tools, I began a trance reading of Mr Sawyer. He had a concussion, and a hairline fracture, but also an injury at the hand and shoulder. The hand injury was a sprain, possibly caused by someone wrestling to disarm him - he likely did not even notice it at the time. The shoulder was worrisome, in that such a small pinprick should not be so inflamed so quickly.

Yet, while I observed, the injury was healing rapidly. I then helped the healing at that site, and was surprised to note an even faster healing rate. There was some familiarity about the way the body reacted, but I put that thought aside as I focused on the fracture.

Mr Sawyer became aware as I was pulling back from the trance and told us of the attacker - Miss marion's description of "a blue man in black" was recognizable as the attacker from last night, and Mr Sawyer confirmed the identification of at least one Chiss male wearing kurogo, perhaps more. Rapid movement and smoke bombs had made further identifications difficult. Madame Kitla reported that the one who Miss marion injured, causing the bloodstain on the floor, was still in the city, but Miss Genie had been spirited out of town.

The Baron had arrived just in time to hear that pronouncement, and rallied the rest of the staff. Mr Sawyer was somewhat stable, yet I did not think he should be out just yet. We wound Miss marion, and set her to watch over him while we joined the chase. Between Miss Caladon and Miss Kara, the assailant was handed over to the Sheriff, who had been patrolling in Boomtown when the attack occurred. The ones who planned the attack knew to watch him, but apparently not the neighbors.

The search for Miss Genie was short, but the self-styled Presidenté of the Steeltopian Republic had her in a cell that was booby-trapped. I honestly think that they planned for people to just stand aside and let the Emperor be pulled into the trap. We surprised them by reacting quickly, but I am afraid they will not underestimate us so again.

They also did not take into consideration the concentration of Timelords in the Steelhead City area. Bypassing the doors and walls altogether meant bypassing most of the traps. StormFront Aristocrat was following the usual pattern for the megalomaniac. However, when I arrived at the guardhouse, the recognition of the waves of fear Genie was radiating caused another unconscious form-shift. I... may have been a bit violent, especially after seeing how she had been treated. I do not think I did any permanent damage to him during questioning.

I was sent to escort the Timelords in their quest to find the particle that was causing the earthquakes. I could not see what they were doing in the mines, but there were many pockets of terror-memories down there. The Emperor arrived, with troops still loyal to him, to help us escape... but the battle was going poorly for him. He returned to Steelhead with us.

Back in Steelhead, we settled Miss Genie in, and tended her hurts. Emperor SteelCobra alternately raged at the usurpers and worried over Miss Genie, apologetically. As her parlor is not that large, when others came to see about her, I slipped downstairs to Mr Sawyer's room. He had allowed Miss marion to wind down, but he had come to no harm. I am unsure how much injury she incurred in the fight, and was wary of making her run all night without a proper check-up. Someone would need to stay to make sure they were both taken care of. Besides, his room was closer to the front door. After the last of the well-wishers left, I was able to bar the door and tyle the house.

Returning to Mr Sawyer, I gently touched his forehead, and sensed a long history of turmoil there. Well, that would fit with my original suspicions, but there were more regrets than malevolence - and a core of a deep need to help. Definitely not the same man as I thought, but the same man who wrote the journal.Throughout the night, he has occasionally murmured in his sleep, tossing about and radiating distress, but when I touched his shoulder, the distress dissipated, as if he realized he was dreaming.

Dawn is breaking now, and he is stirring as if to wake. We will see what happens next.


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