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Relay For Life of Second Life is this weekend, and I will be walking it as long as I am conscious. But I have to do it with minimal graphics in order to move.

Last year, I did some sightseeing after the Relay, but after 30 hours, it is rather difficult to properly focus.

This year, I am on my team's build crew, so I was able to scout out some nice builds. My machine is not the best for photographs, so Miss Tanarian Davies helped me by capturing the images for this.

First, there is Steelhead - yes, I am biased, this is my team. I also have it on somewhat good authority that the main architect of this beauty tends to build shirtless. Crescent Lake offers swimming and fishing as well. Click on the images to see the larger version.

The Steelhead Salmons, Crescent Lake

Then there is the Justice League Unlimited build, also in part by the shirtless builder... the rest wear spandex.

That little ridge behind the Hall of Justice? Go look - it is off the track a bit, but worth the hike, as my sister-in-law Birdie found...

And yes, the builder followed the plans of the interior - go look!

Across the road is the build by V Innovations. Nice work, many information cards and a dunk tank next to the dance floor...

Next build you should look up... faaaar up...

I am quite serious - that speck is Miss Davies.

This is the entrance as see from the track.

Then, if one is tired from all of the walking, one can stop at the Roma Pro Vita camp, where they have recreated the Ancient Roman bathhouse experience, from calederium to gymnasium.

There is the Tree Of Life...

You truly cannot miss this - the track runs through it!

More pictures when I sort them.


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