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So we proceed with the haphazard tour - no, these are not in order as they are around the track, that just means you will have to Watch For Them. Again, click the images Miss Tanarian provided to see them in more detail.

Team Caledon has a very nicely detailed factory in their building, and you really must go inside to appreciate it. the donation kiosk has a lovely gift in it, as well.

Best of Second Life has an impressive build,

with a lovely interior,

and an impressive lighting arrangement.

There is an elvish build, which I honestly did not see in its entirety... well, if one is immortal I suppose it does not seem too bad to wait for rez, but I am glad Miss Tanarian was patient enough to get this image.

She also added a build I had not seen yet, the Anatomica.

Then there are more of the Designer Sims - first, RFL Mars. Both the dig site and the bio-dome are finely detailed, and worth slowing down to see... just do not stop on the track, you might be run down during the Relay.

and another Designer sim, RFL Wonder.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, gathered in one sim. I was impressed with the Colossus of Rhodes, as it reflects the current research as to the actual stance of the statue. I may be a bit spoiled, having seen the re-creation of the Parthenon in the Athens of the South, however. I hope that one day someone might undertake the recreation of the statue of Athena, as well as her temple.


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