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Things have been busy in the office, while I recover from the marathon that is the Relay. Records were broken, and the fight moves on as the research continues. Life goes on here, with one of our own fighting and moving forward.

There is just so much to do, from standing over the bottle-washers as they re-wash and sanitize the lab glassware they glossed over while senior staff were out, to organizing the Jaegerkin for a hat drive, and sending out reports home and to allies, including the diplomatic packet to Madame Tensai.

Sending the declassified formula book on concretes and mortars used by the Baron's construction battalions may be unnecessary, as she is a Spark. I realize she likely has over a thousand explosive compound recipes, but repairing the moon... I just want to make sure she has all the options open to her.

Wolfgang has been not better or now worse, but he is not eating, still. At the same time, he has not lost weight, that is worrying. Amarantis has been in touch with her father, who suggested adding silver nitrate to the field surgeon's packs for future incidents. However, with the infection so far in the past, he was not able to suggest a treatment he would try with such a young patient.

Dr Mason also gave her a list of books to look for in the second-hand markets, checking for his library. Some titles on the list I recognize from the Baron's library, though others might require a trip to the Biblioteke. I have sent a request to Master Callimachus with Mother, in hopes that some might be available for reference, if not copies.


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