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Liebster Ehemann,

I have safely arrived in the new lands, and have found the area picturesque. It has taken some time to get used to the idea that the dangers here are minimal compared to home - I had to search to find chimera, and while the one I spoke with at length does carry heavy ordinance of strange manufacture, they - as a general group - do not rampage properly, unless you threaten to take the last scone.

That brings up another issue - there also seems to be a dearth of gingerbread of the edible variety. Herr Baron has made inroads in that area, but I worry. It seems he is acclimating here very quickly, it is frightening to watch. Not the usual frightening, I have been long used to that, this is a new issue. Rather unsettling, as you do not know if the butterfly with the ten metre wingspan currently crawling out of the chrysalis  in the family crypt will just flutter off or breathe fire at a moment's notice.

I have yet to obtain an appropriate safe house for us away from the Consulate as yet. I have opened negotiations with the Govenor of this Commonwealth, but at the moment, there is nothing suitable for our admittedly odd yet simple needs to come available. This could change soon, as there has been a great deal of oceanic seismic activity in the area; I feel almost as if I was back at Professor Olmec's lab. New islands rise off the coast, gathering viewers as moths to the flame, only without the torches and pitchforks. So refreshing! No worries in finding the sort of people we are used to working with, and as a side benefit, beautiful shorelines.

I have not yet seen an academy suitable for both instructing and restraining our child, but I have not been able to study the situation appropriately as much of my available time has been eaten by the moving-in project. I'm afraid that Madame Evangeline's Academy for Young Sparks is still our best option, if a room should come available for him.

Küsse meine Liebe



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