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My out-world agent being ill, I had some uncommon spare time, and managed to get some office work caught up with the Baron while evaluating the mass-transit opportunities in Caledon, while seeing the changes to the Cay and visiting a moment with Herr Szondi. I do so enjoy being able to multi-task.

That took care of the morning, and after drugging encouraging the Baron to get some rest (he is quite the night-owl) I took a long look at my wardrobe. the shopping frenzy of the past month had left it in much disarray, and so I took the opportunity to actually try on and evaluate what I had on hand. No images, I am afraid, this was the swift, surgical strike aimed at hordes of satins, legions of woolens and not a few Mainland items. The ball gowns were properly sorted, the winter wear organized to be cleaned and put away on the arrival of spring, and the Mainland items... if they could not be reformed, they were removed. I would not inflict these items on unsuspecting newcomers. Now to find a relatively quiet sandbox to sort through the "Objects" left over from rebuilding Augustus's house. I should take some pictures of that, though now the more elegant builds in the neighborhood tend to overshadow it.

There are some new images from Antiquity and Harborside, though.

Somewhat unsettling, I could not find my flight feather, as it seems the asset server gremlin has had a nosh or two at my inventory. Frau Davies kindly gave me a copy, and there are not many glaringly obvious omissions, though I have an extra motorcycle and a new flying machine kit.

Unfortunately, I was not prepared for the new "Teh Hawt" thing in Caledon - not a motorcycle touring group, but the "Perditions Bunnies", or whatever they are calling themselves this hour, is the Monocycle Club. I am making meine Herr Baron twitch enough as it is, so I shall probably not be a charter member. Though - I shall be looking for a tailor and/or saddlemaker to help me re-created the Courier Corps jackets for the Brigade.
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I have images ready.

There are pictures of my gift from Father Frost, the Wellsian Carnivale, now with added Susanto, my pictures from the opening of der Hut des Jäger, and what is life on the grid without glitches?

Miss Orr is right, Jägermeister liqueur and Absinthe do not mix well. At least I haven't been accosted to make an honest librarian of... nevermind.


Dec. 30th, 2007 06:00 am
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My out-world agent is an idiot.

New images in Civic Opportunities, and a new portrait gallery.

[stomps off, grumbling about pod injuries]
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And so few that make the cut. I am rather harsh when it comes to my pictures, now. They are sprinkled through the galleries. I include one image for the season )


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