Aug. 20th, 2009 11:12 am
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I had thought yesterday would be a repeat of years past, and at first, it was. Unsuitable gifts from my brother and notes of well-wishes on my birthday were normal. Then in the evening, the Baron took the time to go sailing about Blake's Seas and invited me along. If you have the time to sail, do go. I noticed a few race course buoys, and we explored an island that seemed to be a smuggler's point.

He then had things to attend on the other side of the keyboard, and suggested I go dancing at Club Gearz, and he would be along later to go dancing. I had considered turning in early, but he made sure I would stay another half-hour.

Then, a few minutes to 2000 SLT, Tanarian left a note on plurk about the party.

Duchess Gabrielle Riel had organized an event in New Toulouse with the help of the Baron to get the invitations out without my knowledge. It was rather shocking that this many people could show up on a late weeknight. I danced with four heads of state while the fifth played my favorite music. People said embarrassingly nice things about my work and sent gifts. It was a lovely evening.

Thank you to everyone who made the night possible - Miss Genie, who made everyone aware of the date, even though she could not attend due to her typist's schedule; Duchess Gabi, who is capable of putting together a fantastic party with little notice; Caladon Rae, who made the IM rounds to invite everyone without using the groups, so it would be a surprise; Tanarian, who apparently rifled my files for Caladon; Kara and Miss Harbinger, who brought the cakes; Miss Anna Darwinian, who made party favors for everyone; the Baron, who made sure I would not miss my own party, and everyone who attended made it a very special night.

One Year

Aug. 19th, 2008 12:23 pm
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It’s been one year since I found the grid
got a job with the primo madboy hominid
Eleven months since Gus laughed at me
Point'n out our quantum string genealogy.
Ten months since I got a room
realized I could build, but still couldn’t tell you
Sunday, my friends and me
celebrated a year in digitized insanity

Pardon, the Agent was running amuck.... )


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