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Congratulations to the Aether Chrononauts: Inventive Creative Fundraising Award 1st Place. No I have not heard which of their fundraising efforts caught the attention of the judges. I regretfully have not been able to find the reports.

Also, The Doctor Who Fans of SL, friends of the Steamlands and many in the Consulate, have been awarded third place in the Cancer Education Awareness Award and Returning Participating Team Award. Their campsite was quite striking.

The Steelhead Salmons were awarded 3rd Place for Best Theme Campsite Award, thanks to Lunar, Tensai, Thad, Zanya, Riven, and Genie.

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Special edition Relay for Life of Second Life Linden Bears are currently for sale on Xstreet. They are only for sale until August 1st 2009. Made especially by the Lindens and all proceeds go to Relay for Life of Second Life.
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So we proceed with the haphazard tour - no, these are not in order as they are around the track, that just means you will have to Watch For Them. Again, click the images Miss Tanarian provided to see them in more detail. Now on to the Image Heavy Post! )
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Relay For Life of Second Life is this weekend, and I will be walking it as long as I am conscious. But I have to do it with minimal graphics in order to move.

Last year, I did some sightseeing after the Relay, but after 30 hours, it is rather difficult to properly focus.

This year, I am on my team's build crew, so I was able to scout out some nice builds. My machine is not the best for photographs, so Miss Tanarian Davies helped me by capturing the images for this.
Picture heavy post under the finely-crafted cut.... )

More pictures when I sort them.
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The Steelhead Salmons Relay for Life of Second Life have stars and butterflies in their garden, and wish to share!

Random Calliope's jewellery is some of the most lovely and complex in Second Life. Two sets, Ode and Wish, are only available through hunts for butterflies and shooting stars, respectively.

Now thanks to the generosity of Random and his dedicated hunters, you too can wear these ornate gems. Purchase a key for either Ode Butterflies or Wish Stars, from the RFL vendors in the garden at . Then just wear it and approach the appropriate Jewel Box by the fountain in the garden, for a random colour-set of tradeable jewellery!

The Ode Sets include Bracelet, Brooch, Earrings, Hair Ornament, Necklace, Pendant and Ring, in one of 20 possible colours.

The Wish sets in these vendors include Necklace, Bracelet, Corona and a pair of Earrings (of a possible 16 different pairs!) in one of 7 possible colours.

Next, the Auction! Six sets of Ode and two sets of Wish are being auctioned for RFL!

The sets of Wish Jewelry are COMPLETE sets - Seven colours times three basic pieces of Bracelet/Corona/Necklace plus sixteen possible pairs of earrings equals 245 pieces. Yes, two hundred and forty-five individual pieces of jewellery per Utterly Complete Set of WISH.

The Ode Sets represented here are classified as Rare or Ultra Rare - The Platinum, Twilight and Water & Sky sets include the necklace, pendant, brooch, hair ornament, bracelet, ring and earrings. The Morning Rainbow, Princess Pink and Shades of Golden sets include the necklace, pendant, brooch, hair ornament, bracelet, ring and earrings WITH the Garland. The Garland is the Rarest of the Rare pieces in any colour.

Bids are taken by the boards in the garden - there is a board for each set. The auction concludes at 1700hrs/5pm SLT on Sunday 5 July 2009 at The Airship Garden in Steelhead Harborside. Many thanks to Miss Searra Weatherwax for hosting the auction boards.

Winning bids will be taken by an official RFL kiosk in the presence of Mrs Birdsan Weezles-Timeless, who will then give the item to the registered bidder.

These sets of jewelry were donated by Birdsan and her fellow hunters of Ode and Wish for the benefit of Relay for Life of Second Life. Many heartfelt thanks for the generosity of the following hunters! These ladies (and one gentleman!) supplied the jewellery that makes up the sets being donated for this RFL 2009 fundraising project:

Neit Tackleberry
Kalinda Rush
LadyStargazer Graves
Rengerin Skytower **
Elizabeth Tinsley
Ellie Bearcat
carameldore Dreamscape **
Mr. Tomoyuki Batra
Tanarian Davies
Doktor Sweetwater

** These donors also provided all the Rares and Ultra-Rares up for auction!
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The out-world agent is back at her home desk, after ten days exploring. Travelling with a Davies sister to visit another, meeting the Dacostas, and an introduction to another member of Clan Far Flung was quite enjoyable, even with the heat.

My only regret was that the emergency that occupied the Baron's motivating spirit made a meeting this trip logistically impossible.I am glad everything worked out so far for his local staff, and hope that the assignments are amenable to all soon.

Through the grace of my hosts along the way, I was able to check in at irregular intervals. It was good to hear Dr Mason again, if only through a relay.

Now to finish preparations for the Midsummer Grand Tour, and help Birdie set up her auctions. As well as remembering Miss Em's birthday.

Perhaps next week, I may indulge in the "Inspirations" meme that has been going about - after sleeping.
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The Midsummer Grand Tour for Relay For Life of Second Life will be June 20-21, Summer Solstice, the shortest night of the year. Dancing, sporting events and auctions will run from 11:30 am on Saturday through Sunday afternoon. Baron Klaus Wulfenbach (KlausWulfenbach Outlander) and Frau Annechen Lowey have been taking scheduling requests for events since the beginning of April.

There are many groups in the Steamlands that have signed up to participate, and we are working on getting the ad copy in and proofed in the next week, because the posters need to hit the streets no later than the first weekend in June.

Of course I am worried about this, I would like for it to go off without a hitch, considering it is for cancer research.
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The actual Relay will occur July 18-19 2009, and yes, I am planning to attend the full Relay, barring employment of the out-world agent on weekends.

The Midsummer Grand Tour and Auction for RFL of SL will occur June 20-21 2009. Yes I volunteered to help the Baron organize it, and there is a schedule and it will be followed. Now we will see if they will stop asking me to volunteer.

This weekend is roughly two months until the Relay. I have a page available for those who are not on the grid to donate to support the research to eradicate this horrible disease.

If you do not care to donate through me, please consider donating somewhere.


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