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Wolfgang is almost entirely nocturnal, now. I have caught him several times sneaking in his bedroom window at dawn, and there have been too many times he was asleep in class. Even though his marks have remained high, I still worry. He has been switched to independent study under the regular conditions: reports every week, at least three substantial papers per quarter, and no property damage. I have also asked him to either stay in town, or stick with the Jägerkin on night patrol, if he takes to the hills.

We still know so little about the wilderness beyond the city's reach. It does not take a long hike to lose the view of the town, just over the next ridge, and at night, there are not many sources of light that penetrate the forest. One can spot the lighthousen from a high point, but the forest is mostly untouched. I am still nervous about the woods here. Anyone raised with the dire lectures of the dangers of the Wastelands would be, I think. The glimpses I have had of something moving in the woods beyond the house in Harborside, generally when we have had excitement in town, have compounded my nervousness.

Most of the children from home are loathe to leave the pavements, with some exceptions. Anya is curious, but is still not quite comfortable here, even though she seems to happy to be living with her father. Some of the bolder ones have struck up friendships with the more daring Steelhead children, and luckily their exploits have been viewed as normal childish pranks, save for the incident that created the new sub-basement. Even that turned out to be beneficial, once the new artesian well was properly capped and the water pressure was under control.

Then there are the extreme examples. Rengerin has been had to be reigned in in defending the Baron, and - well, anyone who was exposed to the Jägerbrau at such a young age is likely to be fearless, and her combat skills have been well trained. But she has not shared all of her story with me, citing "paradox", and rapidly changing the subject. The Pensevey sisters would prefer to use telescopes to study anything outside the city, and considering the field their parents study, it is an understandable stance. Wolfgang used to be more cautious, like the Penseveys.

Now... he has been running patrol with Sgt Hellershanks, and when the sergeant is on long patrol, Wolfie has been following any of the patrols who would allow it. Captain Veles has been... cautious when discussing Wolfgang. It is as if he wishes to ask questions but is afraid of my reaction. I may need to get a large stick to discuss it with him.
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Wolfgang is sleepwalking again.

I had transferred him from the Muircastle Maximum Security Preparatory School for Young Sparks last fall when they found him prowling the halls after hours. They had been reluctant to let him return after the summer holidays, considering his history of new and interesting explosions. They said the crater in the north pasture would make a lovely lake, but it might be better if he stayed with family. It was all in a rush, and in so doing, Immigration gave him the wrong last name. The environment in Steelhead with the other Consulate dependents and the local children has been good for him, and I had hoped he was settled.

Things have been changing since the turn of the new year.

The botany class trip into the mountains last fall was well guarded. Just because this is not a town in the Wastelands does not mean that the untamed wilderness is safe. Builder bless the Captain for volunteering his patrol to escort us. The Consulate children have had years of training in what to do to survive if you are separated from the Castle or patrol, and we have been including the local children in the patrol exercises. So luckily, the children were not overly panicked when the wolf attacked us.

For a single wolf to attack a large group, even as spread out as we were, I originally suspected it was rabid. That was my worst fear as I bandaged my boy up and the Jägers got us back to the city. Captain Veles and his patrol tracked the beast, but to no avail. The samples we brought back ruled out rabies, to my great relief. However, there were other considerations.

I had given my report to Sheriff Ortega at the time of the incident, and managed to squelch my rising panic with the example of his calm. After all, he is a good example rather than a horrible warning; a city leader and upholder of the law. If this had happened at home, I am not sure where I would have been able to turn, as my information on lycanthropy in Europa is sketchy. The Baron has been supportive of my research, as I have endeavored to keep it from interfering with my duties, but he has deferred to the Sheriff as the local expert.

The information in the parenting references does not quite fit with what is happening here. Wolfgang is exceedingly restless, especially at night. I have found him in odd corners of the office and home, curled up in the oddest places to nap. I have hope, in that though he is watchful and wary of the approach of others, he still is sociable with family and a few of his friends. He seems fond of Anya, and has been helpful in helping her settle in to the routine of the school. Though he and Rengerin quarrel a bit, he is quick to defend her against perceived threats.

Hindsight being what it is, I now understand why he may have stayed away from the Mason Laboratory these past few months - he sensed what the rest of us overlooked. Since Dr Mason has been installed in a new body, Wolfgang has has been cautiously curious about the work there again. He has also been wary of venturing onto the pier at Port Harbor, and I do not think it is because of that horrendous carnival of the Emperor's.

Now to watch, and wait.
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Come to the Steelhead town meeting Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm SLT, meet the neighbors, and see the map - just do NOT fall asleep in the meeting.


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