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Many plans for the opening gala have been overturned. Catering will have to be handled piecemeal, for while there is an excellent restaurateur that could cater a formal supper, there is no current way around the 100-prim buffet table. I have an excellent teacher in this regard in Lady Primbroke, but apparently, there is not an auto-rezzer for buffet tables.

Music could be a problem as well, as many of the conductors that frequent the area will not be available for the weekend. I do not know enough about the acoustical transmissions of the area to take this task myself, though I do have recordings of the pieces selected. I must speak with the Baron concerning the blanket of silence over the Consulate property as well.

We could resolve the music issue by rescheduling, but I have waited too long already – if we delay any longer, the holiday season will overtake us. I cannot arrange it sooner, for I must assist the family at my grandmother’s estate this weekend.

Still no word from the Sergeant.
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Safe house purchased, altered and set – I was surprised to discover that in my gleanings of other's discards and shared items, I have furnished the place with only one purchased item; the Shoji lamp that unaccountably found its way into my luggage during the trade alliance conference. There could be space for Wolfgang's lab and Iandad's cannon on the property, if properly managed. Hans may have a place to play, and considering the avatars I have recently acquired, Haus Dreikatzen is forming anew.

I must take the time to say I have quite possibly the best employer in the history of the working world. I do not think Captain DuPree could be happier given the keys to the armory with orders to subdue a rampaging mob by any means she deemed necessary.

Scheduling proceeds apace, but I have housework to consider now as well.

Still watching the skies for the arrival of others from home and further afield.

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Another reminder - I must get in touch with Herr Szondi regarding catering issues. I have obtained an Ordinal Champagne Waiter, and I must ask if that would be suitable. I should also ask if he'll provide tables, or we will.  He may want to use something dressier than the lab tables. I know I will, but I do not have Great-Großmutter's Vienna lace tablecloths here.

I need to meet with many people on scheduling as well. Ah, that is what the calendar is for, I should actually use the dratted thing, since I created it. Suggesting to the Baron that he also make use of it to let others know when and where he can be found sounds too much like nagging, and only Herr Dolokhov and the Baronin have that right. 
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Ah, the Quizophone has been programmed and placed, without apparent issues. I hope that if there should be problems, whoever finds them will contact me instead of the Baron. He has no need to deal with such trifles.

I have made a tour of some of the dumpters, and though I do not care for the designs I found, I would like to learn the script for them. Perhaps the name of the function is not exactly what I would use either, but the action tickles my sense of humor. I think a White Elephant Crate under the back stairs is still amusing, and more in keeping with the neighborhood.

I must arrange to have more reading time, possibly tonight if there is no more pressing task at hand.

The visitor still has not finalized her itenerary, but there is still time.

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I am reminded of a favorite maxim of the Jaegerkin by my last journal entry. One would think after two decades of laboratory management I would know better than to make such a statement. Suddenly I have far too much to organize in two weeks or less. It is mine own fault, but at least I will not be bored. Still, there is a very long task list to complete before … the incident occurs. 

I must not tease, I know, but until I have a secure study, I must not leave clues where they might be found, yet I must make notes to remind myself. I have contacted the builder regarding the floor, and have noted the existence of a proper samovar. We will need to attend the garden to prepare it for winter. I should look into the rose issue, and make sure they will survive the winter. 

The dumpster rental will have to wait until I can ascertain the nature of the storage. I should speak with the Earl Primbroke concerning the steamer trunks he has in his establishments, and consider a similar design for the foyer. 

The quizophone still has not been programmed, and the phrasebook needs editing. There are still several books I need to borrow from the library (and read them). I really should schedule my office hours in the calendar, and ask the Baron about the gala mentioned last week. 

If the gala is to be held at the consulate, I need to prepare the foyer, and perhaps lighten the primload… somewhere. The buffet will not drain our resources, but the presentation needs to be correct. Accommodations will need to be arranged if the travel itinerary stays true. 

In conclusion, the list of reference points for the traveller - Prim & Proper (main store), Departure Spa, Silver Rose, the horse market (check for landmark), TaP and L&E. Inquire as to the existence of a fencing salle. Must steer them around to Mme. Vandeverre's eventually as well. 


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