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The out-world agent is back at her home desk, after ten days exploring. Travelling with a Davies sister to visit another, meeting the Dacostas, and an introduction to another member of Clan Far Flung was quite enjoyable, even with the heat.

My only regret was that the emergency that occupied the Baron's motivating spirit made a meeting this trip logistically impossible.I am glad everything worked out so far for his local staff, and hope that the assignments are amenable to all soon.

Through the grace of my hosts along the way, I was able to check in at irregular intervals. It was good to hear Dr Mason again, if only through a relay.

Now to finish preparations for the Midsummer Grand Tour, and help Birdie set up her auctions. As well as remembering Miss Em's birthday.

Perhaps next week, I may indulge in the "Inspirations" meme that has been going about - after sleeping.
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Sister is still no worse, and no better. She is unable to travel, which is a pity, for I think if she could make the journey, the climate of Steelhead would be good for her. Herr Doctor Hynemann has another treatment he would like to try, though he is no Spark, so he would like to have more conclusive testing in hand before he proceeds, and a proper donor.

Augustus has been fretting the entire journey, and he will not discuss what worries him. I found him garroulous and brooding by turns. I caught him studying me with an odd, mournful expression.

I hope that he was not too distressed to find the others here who walk the planes are more distant than he originally thought. I know what it is like to feel alone in a new place. I am family, but he and I were raised in different cultures, with little in common beyond Mother and our shared experiences when I was at university. I am not entirely welcome outside the clan holdings in his plane, and he seems to attract trouble in my homelands, so we only recently have begun to study together again.

I suppose I do not feel entirely stable, as I shift with the seasons again. I fatigue more easily than in years past, but I am not as young as I once was. I have caused meine Herr Baron some consternation as well, and for the first time in decades, I questioned the process. I should ask him to proceed as he sees fit, for the reasons for my pause were... not valid. Selfish, even.

And still no word...


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