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Excavations proceed, and I may have the laboratory space secure in time for Winterfaire. Of course, now that I have begun, I realized there was a simpler way to go about it, but such is way of the experimental contractor.

A rather unsettling thing occurred yestereve as I took a break from my labors and browsed about for some civilian wear for the Sergeant. He has indicated he may be retiring from the patrols as his knees bother him more in the morning of late. I had been examining the wares in Mr. Magellan’s shop across the way from the Consulate. There were several items that are of most excellent manufacture, but I am not sure they would be to Iandad’s tastes.

That is when I discovered my brother Augustus had been looking through my eyes again. It is a trait from our mother’s side, but unfortunately, it only works with blood relatives. “That one,” he whispered in my ear from thousands of miles away. “I will need to get that waistcoat when I arrive.”

I was momentarily annoyed that he had been watching without asking first, but then I realized the implications of the message.

Augustus, in Caledon – oh, Red Fire… I need to meet the Chief Constable or the nearest equivalent soon, and inquire as to the going rates for bail bonds.

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Safe house purchased, altered and set – I was surprised to discover that in my gleanings of other's discards and shared items, I have furnished the place with only one purchased item; the Shoji lamp that unaccountably found its way into my luggage during the trade alliance conference. There could be space for Wolfgang's lab and Iandad's cannon on the property, if properly managed. Hans may have a place to play, and considering the avatars I have recently acquired, Haus Dreikatzen is forming anew.

I must take the time to say I have quite possibly the best employer in the history of the working world. I do not think Captain DuPree could be happier given the keys to the armory with orders to subdue a rampaging mob by any means she deemed necessary.

Scheduling proceeds apace, but I have housework to consider now as well.

Still watching the skies for the arrival of others from home and further afield.


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