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Congratulations to the Aether Chrononauts: Inventive Creative Fundraising Award 1st Place. No I have not heard which of their fundraising efforts caught the attention of the judges. I regretfully have not been able to find the reports.

Also, The Doctor Who Fans of SL, friends of the Steamlands and many in the Consulate, have been awarded third place in the Cancer Education Awareness Award and Returning Participating Team Award. Their campsite was quite striking.

The Steelhead Salmons were awarded 3rd Place for Best Theme Campsite Award, thanks to Lunar, Tensai, Thad, Zanya, Riven, and Genie.

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Not madmen - I can handle those.

I regret that the comments will have to be screened from this point forward, as to reduce the abuse of the system.
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The deadline is creeping up on us - but there is still time for you to be part of the Shirtless Against Breast Cancer 2011 project!

October is Recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month in America, and back in July 2008, the staff of the Consulate was knocking about fund raising and awareness ideas, when the idea for a calendar came up. Now, if you know the people who were at that meeting, it would be obvious who mentioned Shirtless O'clock. One thing lead to another, and now we are gearing up for the third year of taking it off to raise eyebrows, awareness and funds. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer. Last year we were able to donate L$30,000 (at last year's exchange rate, that was $120 USD) to the cause. Every little bit helps, and with your help, we can do more this year.

The shots not selected for the calendars will be included in the 2011 coffee-table book, so everyone will be represented somewhere. You may - and indeed, are strongly encouraged - to submit several different poses. Seasonal poses might increase your chances of being included in one of the calendars, and general poses are always welcome for the book.

Your inclusion in either depends on the submission fitting the technical requirements:
1) Submissions should be e-mailed to No submissions should be sent in-world. Please make sure to include your avatar name with the e-mail.
2) These should be 2048 x 2048 SQUARE PNGs. (Best to choose "Save to hard drive" and select "Custom" to get the proper 2048x2048 shot.)
3) Please keep the composition TASTEFUL - Art, not smut, please.
4) No Minors. Diminutive adults are fine, but we wish to stay legal with this. Legal-age avatars only for values of the American legal system (18 years old or older), no exceptions, not even for time travellers.
5) Submissions are to be sent to BEFORE 0100 SLT on 1 September 2010. LATE Submissions will not be considered.
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Being Dead is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect FuneralBeing Dead is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral by Charlotte Hays

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While the title purports the book to be a guide for Southern Ladies, it is focused on the traditions of The Delta in general and Greeneville in particular. Those with cholesterol issues are warned to stay away from this book, as it is half cookbook, and the funeral foods of the Delta are quite honestly comfort foods that are likely to cause another funeral. The other half of the book is gossipy comedic tales of Life In The South, which is a genre you either lived through or makes you feel better about your own kinfolk.

View all my reviews >>
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This year's Shirtless Against Breast Cancer campaign includes four calendars, yet there were many more submissions than could fit in these offerings, and some that might be a bit too much for a calendar displayed on a wall... so the collection includes a lovely book!

Two different cover options, but the same interiors, available from the vendors at all Consulate offices, in addition to Piermont Landing, Ruby's Pub, Ruby's II, Lotus of the Sea Gallery and CocoaJava Cafe in New Babbage, Steampunk Adventures in Winterfell, Tricia Aferdita Gallery and Exposure Gallery in Tabula rasa, Designing Worlds studio in Northpoint, Oliveto, the Primgraph offices in Caledon Glengarry, Velvel's Emporium in Steelhead Shanghai, Regent Theatre, Pneumatic Revolution Lounge, StratoGear Station and Steelbucks in Steeltopia, and the Victoriana Harbour train station.

The book is L$750, with all proceeds going to, and will be available until August.


Aug. 20th, 2009 11:12 am
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I had thought yesterday would be a repeat of years past, and at first, it was. Unsuitable gifts from my brother and notes of well-wishes on my birthday were normal. Then in the evening, the Baron took the time to go sailing about Blake's Seas and invited me along. If you have the time to sail, do go. I noticed a few race course buoys, and we explored an island that seemed to be a smuggler's point.

He then had things to attend on the other side of the keyboard, and suggested I go dancing at Club Gearz, and he would be along later to go dancing. I had considered turning in early, but he made sure I would stay another half-hour.

Then, a few minutes to 2000 SLT, Tanarian left a note on plurk about the party.

Duchess Gabrielle Riel had organized an event in New Toulouse with the help of the Baron to get the invitations out without my knowledge. It was rather shocking that this many people could show up on a late weeknight. I danced with four heads of state while the fifth played my favorite music. People said embarrassingly nice things about my work and sent gifts. It was a lovely evening.

Thank you to everyone who made the night possible - Miss Genie, who made everyone aware of the date, even though she could not attend due to her typist's schedule; Duchess Gabi, who is capable of putting together a fantastic party with little notice; Caladon Rae, who made the IM rounds to invite everyone without using the groups, so it would be a surprise; Tanarian, who apparently rifled my files for Caladon; Kara and Miss Harbinger, who brought the cakes; Miss Anna Darwinian, who made party favors for everyone; the Baron, who made sure I would not miss my own party, and everyone who attended made it a very special night.
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The early morning after the dance, Wolfgang was not as ill as before, and managed to put his gear together without too much supervision. He was still rattled enough by his transformation that he gave the barest of arguments when he was not allowed to pack his sampling kits. I honestly think it was a spinal reflex, but he knew the mountains about us. This was to be a trail trek, and he knew the drills from home. We would pack the barest minimum needed, for even if we were to be horseback, there could be the need for us to carry our own gear.

Yes, I am able to camp in the rough. I do not enjoy it - no one from home does, except perhaps Sparks and truly unbalanced people. The Wastelands are a dangerous place, where survival of the fittest includes things that escape from laboratories and rampaging mobs. No, it takes something very important to venture into the Wastelands, and it is usually done in large, very well-armed groups, or swift courier packs - never alone. I have trained with both, as have most of the group here. Captain Veles found me in the stable, checking the straps on the rifle scabbard and saddlebags. "Hyu going to be hokay?"

"I am not a fainting townie. You know that, even if I have not shown that here." I paused before turning to him. "I have to go. Griggs is not here. Amarantis has her hands full with school and the newcomer thinking he is Jeremiah. Mother and Augustus have their duties, and the other... it is too early to share that link. He needs a bloodline link with him." I shut my eyes, "...just in case."

He took me by the shoulders, "Hyu vill keep him zafe, hyu iz der mozt dangerouz creature in de forezt - a mother." His grin faded, and he continued, "Hy haff to tell hyu. Herr Baron, he told me to not zay ennyting. Vun zecret Hy keep, dun vorry - iz a nize surprize, bot de other hyu needz to know. There iz a verevolf hunter out there. Hy tink Hy got hiz scent, but not for schure. Only name Hy got vaz McGee. Ve ask der scheriff on der trail out, ja?"


"Ho, ja - Herr Baron und Mazter Gil are packing now. Greegar, Maxim und Hy are on guard detail mit hyu."

I rubbed my eyes, tired from lack of sleep. "The Baron knows how to pack for the courier runs, the question is - did anyone tell him about the trails we would be following?"

"Hrm... no?"

I led the horse from the stable and spotted the wagon. I sighed, "Oh, ye cogs and flywheels, that man... if he does not have his camping gear separate on his horse, I do not think the sheriff will wait for him... and neither will I."

"Heh. Now, dot iz onfair. Herr Baron iz de Oldt Campaigner. Hyu knowz he vould chust haff hiz Scientifik Zuppliez un dot vagon, nut hiz bedrollz. Haz nut bin dot long zinze he traffelled mit der Mazterz."

Wolfgang brought his packs to the stable then. Keeping my voice low, for all the good it would do, I replied, "I know, I am just... nervous."

Veles helped Wolfgang with his packs, and continued, "Ja. Ja, notting wrong mit dot. Giffz hyu de etch." He watched Wolfgang mount up and head to the plaza. "Hyu iz nut alone, hey?"

I stopped fiddling with the buckles and climbed into the saddle. "I know, and thank you."
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The news from Sheriff Ortegea was not entirely unexpected. He told me there was a possibility we might need to travel soon, but that Wolfgang might need to be restrained the night of the full moon. Despite my experience in dealing with out-of-control subjects, I have to admit, none of them were family. He has been evasive concerning what might happen, this full moon, and I had to restrain myself from using the stick on him. I have no idea if Lycans are as durable as Jägerkin when it comes to emphatic discussions.

It was a bit of a relief to discuss the situation with Captain Veles at last. "Of COURSE you should have told me, it is not as if I could not see something was WRONG, and FOR THE LOVE OF OFF-SET CAMS I OWE GENIE A DOZEN CHICKENS BUT SHE WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM!" At the last, the broom-handle shattered on Veles's shoulder.

Amarantis lighted on the ledge outside the window of my office just in time to see the end of the broom bounce off the casement. She waited to see if I was calm before opening the window, as Veles asked, "Hokay, hyu gotz dot out uf you zyztem, ja? Hyu going to be hokay for now?"

I nodded, "Yes, thank you." It is not often I lose my temper, and thankfully he understands when I do.

Amarantis checked my hands over for damage before saying, "Mama, it isn't as if we hid anything from you, it is just that we did not know for certain."

I scrubbed at my face, frustrated. "I know, but everyone being so careful not to say anything around me, and knowing the tales from home..."

"Ja, vaz to keep hyu from vorrying," Veles said as he picked the splinters out of his hair. "Not to mek hyu opzet. Zumtimez dhese tingz dun vork az vell az ve plan." He picked his beret up from the chair and dusted it off, and settled it on his head. "Der scheriff sayz he haz a plan, vun dot iz less draztic dhan der schtuff Dr Mason zuggested."

"Yes, Dr. Mason... I do wish we had more information on this new 'Jeremiah', though he is not at all like the other incarnations." I straightened my desk and picked up the stray bits of broken china.

"Ho, de antelope guy - he don't schmell like de schtuff Sawyer left, not to any uf der boyz. He alzo dun schmell like der ting dot kidnapped Koen eidder." Veles looked over to Amarantis as he used the broken broom to sweep up the rest of the detritus.

Amarantis shook her head, "I had a look over him while he was delirious, Papa. You and the boys are right - that is not Zaideh. He is not the Jeremiah the sheriff remembers either." She shrugged, "I don't know who he is, but he has been messing with some pretty strong stuff. I am going to need his cooperation to find anything of his past." The mantling of her wings must have been unconscious, as she seemed surprised she brushed the vase of roses. Steadying the vase, she added, "I will check in with the sheriff and let him know, and make another patrol before going to bed."

I nodded as Veles dumped the last of the broken bits and the broom-end in the dustbin, "You are still staying at the lab?"

"Safer than leaving the place empty, and the aetheric transmission antenna is there. If Father calls with anything else for Wolfie, I will let you know." With that she tumbled out the window and glided down to the city hall front doors.

I watched her enter the building and sensed Veles watching as well. "Sche vill be hokay, und zo vill Volfgang, vith der scheriff'z help," he said.

"From your lips to the Builder's ears," I murmured in response.
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Things have been busy in the office, while I recover from the marathon that is the Relay. Records were broken, and the fight moves on as the research continues. Life goes on here, with one of our own fighting and moving forward.

There is just so much to do, from standing over the bottle-washers as they re-wash and sanitize the lab glassware they glossed over while senior staff were out, to organizing the Jaegerkin for a hat drive, and sending out reports home and to allies, including the diplomatic packet to Madame Tensai.

Sending the declassified formula book on concretes and mortars used by the Baron's construction battalions may be unnecessary, as she is a Spark. I realize she likely has over a thousand explosive compound recipes, but repairing the moon... I just want to make sure she has all the options open to her.

Wolfgang has been not better or now worse, but he is not eating, still. At the same time, he has not lost weight, that is worrying. Amarantis has been in touch with her father, who suggested adding silver nitrate to the field surgeon's packs for future incidents. However, with the infection so far in the past, he was not able to suggest a treatment he would try with such a young patient.

Dr Mason also gave her a list of books to look for in the second-hand markets, checking for his library. Some titles on the list I recognize from the Baron's library, though others might require a trip to the Biblioteke. I have sent a request to Master Callimachus with Mother, in hopes that some might be available for reference, if not copies.
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Special edition Relay for Life of Second Life Linden Bears are currently for sale on Xstreet. They are only for sale until August 1st 2009. Made especially by the Lindens and all proceeds go to Relay for Life of Second Life.
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So we proceed with the haphazard tour - no, these are not in order as they are around the track, that just means you will have to Watch For Them. Again, click the images Miss Tanarian provided to see them in more detail. Now on to the Image Heavy Post! )
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Relay For Life of Second Life is this weekend, and I will be walking it as long as I am conscious. But I have to do it with minimal graphics in order to move.

Last year, I did some sightseeing after the Relay, but after 30 hours, it is rather difficult to properly focus.

This year, I am on my team's build crew, so I was able to scout out some nice builds. My machine is not the best for photographs, so Miss Tanarian Davies helped me by capturing the images for this.
Picture heavy post under the finely-crafted cut.... )

More pictures when I sort them.
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Wolfgang is almost entirely nocturnal, now. I have caught him several times sneaking in his bedroom window at dawn, and there have been too many times he was asleep in class. Even though his marks have remained high, I still worry. He has been switched to independent study under the regular conditions: reports every week, at least three substantial papers per quarter, and no property damage. I have also asked him to either stay in town, or stick with the Jägerkin on night patrol, if he takes to the hills.

We still know so little about the wilderness beyond the city's reach. It does not take a long hike to lose the view of the town, just over the next ridge, and at night, there are not many sources of light that penetrate the forest. One can spot the lighthousen from a high point, but the forest is mostly untouched. I am still nervous about the woods here. Anyone raised with the dire lectures of the dangers of the Wastelands would be, I think. The glimpses I have had of something moving in the woods beyond the house in Harborside, generally when we have had excitement in town, have compounded my nervousness.

Most of the children from home are loathe to leave the pavements, with some exceptions. Anya is curious, but is still not quite comfortable here, even though she seems to happy to be living with her father. Some of the bolder ones have struck up friendships with the more daring Steelhead children, and luckily their exploits have been viewed as normal childish pranks, save for the incident that created the new sub-basement. Even that turned out to be beneficial, once the new artesian well was properly capped and the water pressure was under control.

Then there are the extreme examples. Rengerin has been had to be reigned in in defending the Baron, and - well, anyone who was exposed to the Jägerbrau at such a young age is likely to be fearless, and her combat skills have been well trained. But she has not shared all of her story with me, citing "paradox", and rapidly changing the subject. The Pensevey sisters would prefer to use telescopes to study anything outside the city, and considering the field their parents study, it is an understandable stance. Wolfgang used to be more cautious, like the Penseveys.

Now... he has been running patrol with Sgt Hellershanks, and when the sergeant is on long patrol, Wolfie has been following any of the patrols who would allow it. Captain Veles has been... cautious when discussing Wolfgang. It is as if he wishes to ask questions but is afraid of my reaction. I may need to get a large stick to discuss it with him.
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Demand Tom Smith in Ann Arbor!
Tom Smith in Ann Arbor - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all Ann Arbor events on Eventful

Please let Tom Smith know he has fans he does not need to leave home to meet, and will not have to call the constables to get them out of his house!
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The Steelhead Salmons Relay for Life of Second Life have stars and butterflies in their garden, and wish to share!

Random Calliope's jewellery is some of the most lovely and complex in Second Life. Two sets, Ode and Wish, are only available through hunts for butterflies and shooting stars, respectively.

Now thanks to the generosity of Random and his dedicated hunters, you too can wear these ornate gems. Purchase a key for either Ode Butterflies or Wish Stars, from the RFL vendors in the garden at . Then just wear it and approach the appropriate Jewel Box by the fountain in the garden, for a random colour-set of tradeable jewellery!

The Ode Sets include Bracelet, Brooch, Earrings, Hair Ornament, Necklace, Pendant and Ring, in one of 20 possible colours.

The Wish sets in these vendors include Necklace, Bracelet, Corona and a pair of Earrings (of a possible 16 different pairs!) in one of 7 possible colours.

Next, the Auction! Six sets of Ode and two sets of Wish are being auctioned for RFL!

The sets of Wish Jewelry are COMPLETE sets - Seven colours times three basic pieces of Bracelet/Corona/Necklace plus sixteen possible pairs of earrings equals 245 pieces. Yes, two hundred and forty-five individual pieces of jewellery per Utterly Complete Set of WISH.

The Ode Sets represented here are classified as Rare or Ultra Rare - The Platinum, Twilight and Water & Sky sets include the necklace, pendant, brooch, hair ornament, bracelet, ring and earrings. The Morning Rainbow, Princess Pink and Shades of Golden sets include the necklace, pendant, brooch, hair ornament, bracelet, ring and earrings WITH the Garland. The Garland is the Rarest of the Rare pieces in any colour.

Bids are taken by the boards in the garden - there is a board for each set. The auction concludes at 1700hrs/5pm SLT on Sunday 5 July 2009 at The Airship Garden in Steelhead Harborside. Many thanks to Miss Searra Weatherwax for hosting the auction boards.

Winning bids will be taken by an official RFL kiosk in the presence of Mrs Birdsan Weezles-Timeless, who will then give the item to the registered bidder.

These sets of jewelry were donated by Birdsan and her fellow hunters of Ode and Wish for the benefit of Relay for Life of Second Life. Many heartfelt thanks for the generosity of the following hunters! These ladies (and one gentleman!) supplied the jewellery that makes up the sets being donated for this RFL 2009 fundraising project:

Neit Tackleberry
Kalinda Rush
LadyStargazer Graves
Rengerin Skytower **
Elizabeth Tinsley
Ellie Bearcat
carameldore Dreamscape **
Mr. Tomoyuki Batra
Tanarian Davies
Doktor Sweetwater

** These donors also provided all the Rares and Ultra-Rares up for auction!
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I am required to accept insults to my friends, my family and myself with a smile and a cheery wave.

I am required to gleefully participate in all RP without warning or background no matter what else I might have planned.

I am required to accept that because I did not find the grid before 2006 I am of no consequence, and nothing I do will ever have value.

Happy now?
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The out-world agent is back at her home desk, after ten days exploring. Travelling with a Davies sister to visit another, meeting the Dacostas, and an introduction to another member of Clan Far Flung was quite enjoyable, even with the heat.

My only regret was that the emergency that occupied the Baron's motivating spirit made a meeting this trip logistically impossible.I am glad everything worked out so far for his local staff, and hope that the assignments are amenable to all soon.

Through the grace of my hosts along the way, I was able to check in at irregular intervals. It was good to hear Dr Mason again, if only through a relay.

Now to finish preparations for the Midsummer Grand Tour, and help Birdie set up her auctions. As well as remembering Miss Em's birthday.

Perhaps next week, I may indulge in the "Inspirations" meme that has been going about - after sleeping.


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