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I have finally returned to my desk after the holidays to find I have quite the quagmire there. Invitations (some answered, some not, to my distress) letters and random notes have settled in drifts on my desk. Lists of things to do/schedule/assign and lists of equipment to obtain/build/repair share space with my emulsion plates (undeveloped and unedited), reports (unfinished), research information (organized, but possibly not appearing so to one who is not me) and the somewhat disturbing etchings my brother has left about the place.

I will have the official opening of der Hut des Jaeger in Winterfell Absinthe this Sunday at 1800 SLT (that is 6:00 pm for those unused to the Baron's timepieces), but that seems to be one of the few "social" Items on my schedule for the next few days. I hope I may also be able to attend the Carnivale in Caledon Wellsian, but I have not heard if I will attend alone or not.

I need to gather the Christmas decorations and pack them away for another year, and the winter wardrobe organized for similar storage. The house at Kittiwickshire will require some attention, though none are there but myself, now. The Harborside house needs further alterations, but these need to be performed when I am sufficiently rested, not drunk on fatugue as my later inspection of past work has shown.

Augustus has found willing company elsewhere, and he is honoring the conventions of society for the time being, so that is a small relief. Visual evidence aside, there is nothing to suggest he is anything other than a gentleman, though he seems to enjoy stretching my nerves to the limit.

New Year's Eve was... wonderful. The only thing that tarnished the evening was the later news that the Hipparche was derailed by my plans, for which I am deeply sorry, yet... I had a lovely time.


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