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Yes, well - I may have been reticent concerning my recent activities, but in truth, it will be for a cause that is very important to the out-world agent.

You see, there is a monthly General Staff call meeting (there is one tonight, in fact) in which the Consulate staff discuss future projects and possible ways we can help others, either on the grid or no. At the July meeting, someone made the connection between October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month in some areas, and the predilection at certain informal events for certain gentlemen to go shirtless… and then Miss Burton asked if the roster would be restricted.

It is true that the staff is small, and not everyone would feel comfortable participating, so the invitation had been opened to a few more people… and I panicked at the small numbers of submissions reported. Whether it was because others were taking great care with their images or because they are shy, I did not know. The general instructions called for “art, not smut”, so that may have had a limiting effect on the number of modeling poses that would be appropriate. Therefore, with the help of an unnamed assistant or two (who will remain unnamed, to protect the proofs, else I shall be Very Vexed) I have submitted a few images to the cause.

I shall present more information, such as the release date, when we have it.


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