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The images for the past month have been culled and (mostly) organized. I still have not sent out the notes I wanted, and now it will be rather late, but I will still send them, hopefully tonight.

Saturday will be packed, with the Boxing Tea at noonish, the Winterfell-Caledon Ball, the Antiquity Christmas Ball and the Steelhead Harborside Fundraiser. Luckily, I foresee only two (perhaps three) wardrobe changes.

That being said, if one should happen to wander by the Steelhead Docks Saturday evening at perhaps 1900 SLT, one might happen upon an interesting display - especially if a 1024m lot in the so-new-it-hasn't-been-placed Harborside sim is claimed with cold, hard L$. In addition, if certain gentlemen are coerced, ah - encouraged to participate, it should be... educational. I say unto those among you who find the male form aesthetically interesting, bring your L$.

If I were deluded enough to think it might help, I would wear that bizarre outfit I found in a dreidel earlier this week. Of course, I know better and will keep my clothes on.
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Many plans for the opening gala have been overturned. Catering will have to be handled piecemeal, for while there is an excellent restaurateur that could cater a formal supper, there is no current way around the 100-prim buffet table. I have an excellent teacher in this regard in Lady Primbroke, but apparently, there is not an auto-rezzer for buffet tables.

Music could be a problem as well, as many of the conductors that frequent the area will not be available for the weekend. I do not know enough about the acoustical transmissions of the area to take this task myself, though I do have recordings of the pieces selected. I must speak with the Baron concerning the blanket of silence over the Consulate property as well.

We could resolve the music issue by rescheduling, but I have waited too long already – if we delay any longer, the holiday season will overtake us. I cannot arrange it sooner, for I must assist the family at my grandmother’s estate this weekend.

Still no word from the Sergeant.


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